Links We Love: The Staying True To Yourself Edition

Links We Love

Each week we scour the interwebs to bring you amazing yoga articles, insights and stories that we hope will illuminate the power of yoga, the ways in which it can heal and soothe and the ways in which it can make us laugh, smile and learn much more about ourselves than we ever expected. This week’s links we think you’ll love are all about staying true to yourself on and off the mat. Often times we get in our own way by forcing something rather than yielding. Remember, you are the only person that knows what’s best for you, so listen to your heart and trust your instincts.

  • Yoga is More Than Getting Your Foot Behind Your Head – “Yoga is an opportunity to check in with what’s true for you. As you tune in and notice your tendencies, you also have a choice to recreate yourself in each moment. As you push the pause button, you have an opportunity to let go of old habits and conclusions of the past that no longer serve you or define you. It’s not always about the huge leaps.”
  • Funky Headstand – “The joy of yoga is that it is limitless and all we need is intelligence, awareness, and a sense of adventure.”
  • What a Backbend Can Reveal About Your Life -‎‎ “Ultimately this is a reminder that our yoga does not end at the mat. The major obstacle to our fullest expression is that we keep getting in our own way by forcing rather than yielding. Use your physiology as a road map to navigate the underlying energetic patterns that are both free as well as blocked. This is not blame but an invitation to cultivate awareness, let go of what you don’t need, and expand into your greatest self.”
  • Four Ways Yoga Can Help Your Career – “In yoga – as in life – some days you have balance and some days you don’t. A pose you nailed just hours before is now causing you to weeble wooble then topple over. It happens. It’s no big deal. The goal is to get to a place where you are no longer critiquing yourself when you stumble. You simply stop, find your center, and quietly start again. When you practice this inside class you will practice it outside as well.”
  • The Good Life – “Yoga has helped me come a long way in letting go of attachments. Most notably, the judgments surrounding my body’s abilities to do certain poses or look a certain way. It has also helped me become less obsessed with perfectionism. In yoga class it’s OK to fall down, and I’ve been able to translate some of that attitude into my daily life.”