Links We Love: The What Yoga Reveals Edition

Links We Love

Each week we scour the interwebs to bring you amazing yoga articles, insights and stories that we hope will illuminate the power of yoga, the ways in which it can heal and soothe and the ways in which it can make us laugh, smile and learn much more about ourselves than we ever expected. This week’s links we think you’ll love are all about what a regular yoga practice can reveal to you about yourself. Whether you struggle with a particular pose, are intimidated trying a new style, or find that with particular attention and dedication your yoga practice extends off the mat into all other areas of your life.

  • Yoga is Smarter Than Me – ‎”It’s pretty humbling when the practice takes over and brings you to that place of not thinking, but totally attending. My body, the next day, is still sore from the movements, and my brain is still reveling in the fact that it lost itself (or perhaps, found itself) in the very thing that it had resisted so strongly.”
  • Zoom In, Zoom Out – Jason Crandell talks about skillfully directing your attention to your yoga practice.
  • Parsva Kukkutasana – ‎”No matter what level you’re at—challenge yourself. It might be more mental than physical, but allow yourself to enjoy this ride. Yoga practice is meant to be enjoyed, so laugh at your flops and shine during your successes and always allow yourself room to grow.”
  • Yoga = An Opportunity to Change – Tiffany Cruikshank reminds us that yoga gives us the opportunity, at any moment, to change. We simply must be present enough to make those changes.
  • Fear Me Not, Yoga – ‎”So ask yourself: how do you wish to live? Yoga can teach you so much about the things you fear the most. Just give it a chance and practice some bravery and open-heartedness. Your entire self will thank you.”