Links We Love: The Benefits of Yoga Edition

Each week we scour the interwebs to bring you amazing yoga articles, insights and stories that we hope will illuminate the power of yoga, the ways in which it can heal and soothe and the ways in which it can make us laugh, smile and learn much more about ourselves than we ever expected. This week’s links we think you’ll love are all about how yoga can be beneficial to children, teenagers and adults alike. Whether it’s teaching us that it’s ok not to be perfect or if it’s increasing muscle strength for sports, yoga can be extremely powerful for everyone, no matter what age, on and off the mat.

  • The Benefit of Yoga for Teens – Teens can benefit from learning anything that increases their focus and ability to calm themselves, which I’ve found to be one of the great, lasting benefits of yoga. And while team sports are great, I think it’s important to promote physical activities that kids can still be doing at age 80. Like yoga.
  • Yoga: it’s never too late to reap the benefits – “Yoga can help fight stiffness, hardening of the arteries, hormonal fluctuations, depression and loss of bone density. And — you can start at any age.
  • The First Declaration of Love: Presence. Yoga Off the Mat – On practicing yoga and mindfulness off the mat: The practice of presence is cultivated over time through honest self-confrontation, positive discipline, and belief in our potential. Practices like meditation, mindful breathing, and yogasana can be invaluable in moving us toward this more connected alignment.
  • Why Yoga For Kids – With all this in mind, the benefits for a child discovering yoga can be bountiful. As I mentioned, children’s creativity and imaginations are encouraged and stimulated by these yoga adventures. This is achieved in a completely non-competitive and non-threatening environment allowing children to completely express themselves and truly “bloom”! Along with developing improved strength, balance, poise and flexibility, comes pride in attaining all these qualities, therefore boosting self esteem and confidence. When targeted to key joints and muscles, yoga benefits children’s skills in other athletic fields as well.
  • How 1 Hour on Sundays Will Change Your Life - Taking just an hour to center yourself on Sundays will set you up right for the entire week. This hour will allow you the chance to align your mind, body and soul in preparation for the challenges that will (and they always do!) arise throughout the next few days.