Links We Love: The How Yoga Benefits the Mind Edition

Each week we scour the interwebs to bring you amazing yoga articles, insights and stories that we hope will illuminate the power of yoga, the ways in which it can heal and soothe and the ways in which it can make us laugh, smile and learn much more about ourselves than we ever expected. This week’s links we think you’ll love are all about how yoga benefits the mind.

  • 4 Steps to Greater Mindfulness: We all live and work at a crazy pace these days and with the fast pace comes stress; however, mindfulness is a great way to practice being calm.
  • The Benefits of Meditation: Our data indicate that meditation training makes you better at focusing, in part by allowing you to better regulate how things that arise will impact you.
  • It’s Never Too Late To Exercise Your Body And Mind: Imagine a time when you have been stressed. When it’s gotten to be so much that your head starts to hurt. Well meditation is the complete opposite.
  • Love Yourself Unconditionally with Child’s Pose: Child’s Pose offers us a time and space to unite our mind, body and spirit again in connection and be one with our Self. It also gives us an avenue for total body relaxation. While in this pose truly believe in you and that you are worthy of unconditional love. Allow yourself to BE in the pose and to be WITH yourself. Make the choice to love yourself as you are right now and take the time and space to relax into that self love.
  • Stress Management Through Yoga: Yoga helps indirectly… you will be cutting down the snowball effect of physiological stress and maintain a standard of health. Either way you gain.