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They say that being a parent is the toughest, yet most rewarding job in the world. It comes with more responsibility and stress than any other occupation, so that’s why it’s so important that we have the ability to cultivate mindfulness and presence, acceptance and awareness, compassion and gratitude so we can be the best we can be; the greatest gift we can give to our kids.

Our collections for Parents will help you navigate the road of parenthood through breath, body and mind awareness.

Yoga for Parents: Mindful parenting is an art. This collection is your go-to resource for practicing with baby, connecting with your teen and taking a very deep breath when it all feels overwhelming.

Prenatal Yoga: Feel supported and more comfortable in your changing body as you connect with your baby and yourself for a calm, healthy and happy pregnancy.

New Mindful Mom: As a new mom, it’s challenging to find time to nurture yourself as you nurture your little one. These classes will guide you through your post-birth months and give you space to breathe. You’ve got this!

Looking for more inspiration? Our curated collections are designed to help you find yoga classes focused on topics that interest you.

overheard in yoga class
Overheard in Class

Austerity Yields Clarity

In this week's Overheard in Yoga Class, Darren Rhodes explains that sometimes simplicity, a sophisticated simplicity, gives immediate clarity. …

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Pose of the Week: Standing Splits

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3 Meaningful Mindfulness & Yoga Stories

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10 Ways to Fall in Love with Yourself

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Overheard in Class

Light the Positive

In this week's Overheard in Yoga Class, Stephanie Snyder reminds us to practice lighting the fire of positive action.Do great things, change the world by appreciating the good within and all around.…

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Ask a Yogi

Ask a Yogi: Love is?

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