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Kathryn Budig’s Red Quinoa Apricot Salad

Quinoa is a staple in my diet, so I’m always on a mission to find new creative ways to make it shine. The sweetness of apricot and richness of sweet potato make this meal awesome.…

My Yoga Moment
Yoga Moments

Away From the Wall: My Yoga Moment

I was so excited I wanted to jump up and down. I was happy to share that moment with my teacher who I love and who knows I've been working towards it. Yoga has changed my life and I…

overheard in yoga class
Overheard in Class

Raise Your Vibration

In this week's Overheard in Yoga Class, Jo Tastula encourages us to break out of self limiting, self deprecating thoughts and focus on witness consciousness, the space in between breaths and quality of movements.…

yoga gives back
Community Events Press

Yoga Gives Back: We Are All One

WeΒ believe inΒ Yoga Gives BackΒ and we’re thrilled to support them by hosting a 90 minute Hatha yoga class for all levels with Chad Hamrin at the YogaGlo studio on Saturday, August 20th from 11:00am to 1:30pm. Event details are at…